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Frequently Asked Questions

How customized FH-Designed Template websites works
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How does a "Full Set Up" service work on the FH-Designed Templates

First select the FH-Designed Template you like and then on the product page select "Option 1: Full Set Up". Here is what is included in the Full Set Up:

  1. Custom Color Palette: Apply your unique brand identity by incorporating your chosen color palette throughout every page. Share with us your maximum of five preferred colors, and we'll expertly integrate them into the design.

  2. Font Customization: Tailor the fonts on each page to reflect your brand's style or select your favorite fonts from WIX's extensive collection. Provide three font styles: Script, Serif, and Sans Serif, ensuring a cohesive and personalized visual experience

  3. Logo Integration: Your logo holds the essence of your brand, and we'll seamlessly incorporate it into the appropriate sections of the website. Please provide us with your high-resolution PNG logos with transparent backgrounds to ensure a polished and professional appearance.

  4. Social Media Integration: Enhance your online presence by linking your social media accounts to their respective icons and hyperlinks. We will gladly remove any unnecessary icons and add any additional ones you require. Simply share with us all the social media links you wish to include.

  5. Customized Text Placement: Your website's pages will come alive as we add your provided text to the template, placing it strategically throughout the site where text is required. Please provide us with all the text you want to include on each page, specifying the exact locations.

  6. Personalized Image Placement: Enrich the visual experience by incorporating your chosen images into the designated areas of the template's pages. Let us know precisely where you would like each image to be positioned, and share the images with us to be included.

  7. Page Management and Navigation Update: We will accommodate your specific needs by adding or removing pages as required. Additionally, we'll update the navigation menu and footer menu to reflect the changes we make, ensuring a seamless user experience. Please provide us with a comprehensive list of the pages you want to add or remove.

  8. Minor Customizations: If you have any additional requests for minor customizations, we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss the possibilities further. We'll be happy to assess the feasibility and explore potential solutions together.

  9. 30-Minute Zoom Training: After your site is complete we provide a 30-minute zoom training to show you how to edit your new site.

How does a "Full Set Up + Content" service work on the FH-Designed Templates

First select the FH-Designed Template you like and then on the product page select "Option 2: Full Set Up + Content". This service includes the same offerings as Option 1 PLUS:


How It Works: A 30-minute Zoom session is the first step towards enhancing your online presence: In preparation for our meeting, you'll receive a comprehensive questionnaire to delve into every aspect of your business. By understanding your brand, voice, values, services, and audience engagement, I will craft compelling content to engage your audience.

Content Development Package Includes:

✓ 4 Dynamic Website Pages: Home, About/Story, Services/Offerings, and Contact. 

✓ Seamless User Experience Flow. 

✓ Optimized for SEO and Keyword Integration. 

✓ Effective Call-to-Actions. 

✓ Meticulous Editing and Proofreading. 

✓ 1 Draft Revision to Ensure Perfection.

What is I need more pages or connecting additional apps than the template offers?

No problem. Let us know specifically what you need and we will give you a quote for what it will cost to add those functionalities that you need to make your website perfect for your business needs. Examples: Subscription plans, podcasts, bookings, restaurant menu, bookings, Instagram Feed, FAQ’s, Live chat

What about SEO?

We offer a basic SEO starter pack that helps you get seen on Google by adding on search engine optimized website page titles, meta descriptions, and ALT text based on your industry. This service is $200 for most templates (7-pages), but actual cost depends on how many pages your website includes. Be sure to ask about adding SEO services to your site.

Do I need to take any action for the website to be built?

Yes. While we handle the creation of the website, we depend on you to provide us with the essential content that will effectively convey your story. After all, you possess the expertise in your industry! If you desire assistance with content development, we are here to help. By purchasing our content upgrade (Option 2), we will collaborate with you to deliver expertly written content for your website.

How long does it take to get a new site that you customize?

Typically between 3-8 weeks depending on the amount of pages and add on services you need, however, it can take longer if we’re waiting on content or feedback from you.

Do I own my website?

Yes! We do not purchase or manage you premium hosting membership with Wix. Wix offers free websites however if you want to connect a domain, get rid of their ads, and/or take payments through your website you will need to sign up for a premium website through Wix.

Is Coding knowledge necessary to make updates?

Not at all! With Wix, you don't need any coding expertise to maintain your website. Their user-friendly drag-and-drop builder allows you to make changes effortlessly. If you're familiar with tools like Canva or Photoshop, using Wix's page builder will feel intuitive. Even if you don't have prior experience with design programs, we will provide you with video instructions so that you can independently maintain or customize your website after our collaboration. No coding is required!

Can I make changes to my website once it’s live?

Yes! We also include a 30 minute virtual website training for all new websites so that you know how to make changes to the site.

Do I need to pay for maintenance?

No need:) We don't offer maintenance plans as they are not required for sites built on Wix.

Why Wix?

While there are numerous excellent choices available for creating and hosting websites, our decision to use Wix is based on our experience and the advantages that it brings. We have found that Wix offers the simplest and most comprehensive solution, providing powerful marketing capabilities. In fact, even this very website has been constructed using Wix.

More Questions?

Feel free to shoot us an email and we will get back to you!
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