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You care deeply about your business, so getting in front of the world can be both exciting and a little scary. The good news – It’s going to be great.  Why?  You just took the leap to take your business, dream, passion to the next level.  We’re here to give you a professionally designed website and an impressive online presence that will make you proud. 

Complimentary phone/zoom consultation.

The idea is to learn about your business initiatives, and what you’d like to accomplish.

Plus, it’s your chance to see what we’re all about.


Your Branding + Vision Analysis.

We give you a series of questions to get to know your business’s vision, personality, core values, target audience and so much more.


There’s no commitment at this stage.​

After our convo, we provide a preliminary quote.

We’ve got your Strategy.

Based on your Branding + Vision Analysis, we do a strategic exploration of your business goals, core values, purpose, and target audience to create a well thought out brand identity.


Design and Content Creation extravaganza.

We start building, designing, and writing your website's body to reflect the most compelling center of your brand.  We include a custom sitemap to illustrate your website's layout.


Project Management + Collaboration go hand in hand.

Goals are identified, timelines established, and we keep the execution of all tasks on track. We believe in regular communication and a back and forth dialogue to remain on the same page.

Websites take 2-3 weeks to build.

Once you agree to all content, photos, and graphics.


SEO integration.

Your website copy and images are optimized based on our keyword research.


WIX and Squarespace are user-friendly platforms.

This means you can manage small changes or additions very easily. We won’t leave you hanging though; we’re here to help with any maintenance needed. 


Stacy and I met in 1995 on the campus of CSU Chico where we were quickly nicknamed the Dynamic Duo by our Organizational Communication professors. For over 25-years we have been both best friends and worked along side each other in college classrooms, corporate offices, our children's playgrounds and now as business partners.  

We pride ourselves on being part of your team -  we are personable, efficient, and highly organized. We love working with individuals and small businesses because our mission is to help elevate your business so that we can continue to grow Frequency2.


We can't wait to partner with you and help launch your new or rebranded business!

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Proficient in Adobe Suites: InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, Audition and After Affects. Versed website building experience in WIX Editor X and Squarespace. Advanced skills in integrating custom-designed assets into branded digital marketing material such as videos, powerpoint/keynote presentations, promotional websites, interactive pdf's and much more. 


Experienced in integrating Acuity Scheduling, Google Marketing, Form Builders and many additional web applications. Skills also include working within many digital marketing channels and web-based platforms including Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Hootsuite and Vyond.

Working with Felicia and Stacy was really fun.  They are just plain good personalities to work with. They had the natural ability to really draw out our vision, as it was not fully developed prior to engaging Frequency2. Their creativity, design, and content writing capabilities delivered us a website that is truly something we are proud of. 


We shopped around a fair amount and I am confident we could have paid several times more to get a product that was half as good. We continue to get tons of compliments for the site, even from marketing professionals that are slow to believe we were able to get the design elements we have without a web developer doing extensive programming. 


We utilized the Wix platform per their recommendation and we were not disappointed. We had a firm deadline and it was a very tight schedule for what we wanted done, and they met it.  Whoever heard of the contractor coming in on time and on budget? We will continue to work with the girls on future development of this site as well as others that we have. They really did a great job and for the value of every $ we spent with them, you cannot find a better value out there…we looked.  Thanks Felicia and Stacy!

~ Jake Matthaei

                                                                                                      Technical Tooling, LLC

When I get complimented on my website (which happens ALL the time!) my automatic response? "I have the most amazing team. It's Felicia and Stacy, the dynamic duo of F2." And it's true!


Felicia's this ninja graphic web designer! Her talent and expertise are boundless! I'm in awe. And she's such a delight to work with - the best! Part of Felicia's magic? She makes it look so effortless and all without drama or ego. 


Stacy? Don't get me started! Stacy is a brilliant marketing strategist and an incredible content creator. She "got me" and my voice, almost immediately. If you've ever worked with marketing folks, you KNOW how unique that is. She has no idea how talented she is!   


Combine the two? Well, you have a frequency x2! 


I would SO recommend the Frequency2 - 1000%. Without a doubt, hiring this team is one of the best decisions I've ever made for my biz. Thank you Stacy and Felicia!!!

~Sandy Stamato

Limb Dweller Business Coaching

Technical Tooling
Love Is My Religion
Broadview Planning
La Vie Salon
Limb Dweller
Anderson Custom Homes
The Grape Cycle
Golden Years Placement Agency
Data Slayer
Weitz Commerical
Orange Ruler
Point Across Media

When a small business is starting out or facilitating growth, a major cornerstone to the model is marketing.

Frequency 2 is not just a one stop shop for all social media, copy and website integration, but it is the seamless unification of team into one service.

This service has equated into an efficiency in my business platform and enabled marketing to be a bigger part of the foundation of my company.

The relationship between time management and productivity increase exponentially with the help of Frequency2.”

                ~ George Sparks

                The Grape Cycle

I highly recommend the work of Frequency2. Their super-cool-easy-to-work-with vibe is both professional and inspiring. You may find yourself thinking…”all my work relationships should be this easy.”  You will be listened to, supported and guided to what would work best for you and your business. You are in good hands with this team.

                ~ Cynthia Alice Anderson

                Cynthia Alice Anderson

Stacy and Felicia turned around a new, modern, and fresh website for us in a matter of a week! We had an old site that wasn't very complicated but looked dated and needed some design work to make it reflect our brand. They quickly and inexpensively transformed our entire online presence - we couldn't be happier. Hire this team! You will not regret it!

~ Joe Holland

Golden Years Placement Agency

Working with Felicia and Stacy has been a wonderful experience. They understood our style and created a website that really felt like us. Their communication and ideas were helpful in achieving exactly what message we wanted our business to portray.

~ Bonnie Sheahan

La Vie Salon

Working with Felicia and Stacy has been the difference between putting off dealing with a website for my millinery business for 25 years, and now offering a gorgeous site I can proudly

put out to the world. In a nutshell, they are very very good at what they do: experience and creativity to design a site; willingness to walk and zoom me through the development; available when needed, and patient with me when necessary; sharply intuitive to grasp the subtleties that illustrate my style, both how I do business as well as the hats I create. I am delighted I finally found these 2 wonderful, creative, talented women to work with me on this. I’m a fan.  

~ Deborah Waters


Stacy and Felicia have been working with Point Across Media for the past couple years. They were part of our rebranding efforts, from building our website to creating ongoing marketing materials and campaigns. They have worked so closely with us they have become an extension of our team and we would highly recommend them to anyone in need of launching or rebranding their business.

~ Chris Eastwood

Point Across Media

Frequency2 was an absolute pleasure to work with. From discussing initial concepts of our website to executing a beautiful and functional site, every step of the way was easy and efficient. Thank you guys so much!

~ Scott Weitz

Weitz Commercial